Things to do at the Shed #3

Connect with us on Social Media.  Do you use Facebook or Twitter?  Connect with us on our social media channels to stay in contact with what is going on at the sheds, contribute to the discussion and help share the news! You can find us on Facebook @whitworthmensshed or Twitter @WhitworthMIS We will be adding other social media channels in future.  If you are a keen user of another channel and would be interested in being an admin for Whitworth Men In Sheds, get in touch or pop along to one…

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Things to do at the Shed #2

Get in touch

Connect to the free wi-fi!  Have you got a smart-phone?  Once you’ve taken the weight off and sorted out a cup of tea or coffee make sure you don’t forget to connect your device to our free wi-fi network and save your data! We have two networks that should be visible in your phone’s list of available connections: WMS Public – doesn’t require a password and is accessible to the general public within range of the shed WMS Members – you will need a password to connect to this network. …

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Things to do at the Shed #1

Have a brew!  First things first, the number one thing to do at the Shed is have a brew!  Whether it’s tea or coffee (or something fruity or just hot water!) most activities at the Shed start, end and are regularly punctuated with a cuppa. Wait to be asked or dive in and help yourself – it’s free and so are the biscuits!   Just don’t forget to pop a small donation towards the costs in the donation tin every now and again 🙂

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