Precious Plastic 14-1-19

Back to our experiemental repurposed office shredder this week with some ‘adaptation’ of the casing to widen the access to cutting blades.  Not surprisingly attention swiftly turned to designs for the safety hopper!

The hopper needs to tick several boxes.  It needs to be able to accept a number of pieces of plastic waste whilst preventing access to the cutter blades and ideally, incorporate the existing sensor so that the cutter blades rotate only when the hopper door is shut.   As the shredder blades are smaller than in the Precious Plastic plans the plastic waste items need to have a little downward pressure applied to them to be drawn into the mechanism.  The hopper will have a built in plunger for this purpose and – because we all want to watch and see, there will be a transparent perspex window in the side.

The machine continues to effortlessly convert plastic milk cartons into a pile of shreddings although several passes are necessary for all of the pieces to be cut to a consistently small size.  The team are on the lookout for  a piece of metal mesh to catch  and re-feed large pieces that make it through the first pass whilst allowing small pieces to pass through.

Look out on the project web-page for our ‘shopping list’ of parts for the machines that will be coming soon!

For more information about the project or to get involved please come along to the Shed on a Monday morning afternoon from 12:30 or contact Alternatively you can contact us throgh our new Whatsapp group.  Follow this link to join:

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