Collective Interest Development Project

Whitworth Men’s Sheds have secured nearly £3000 of funding for our “Collective Interest Development” Project. We are grateful to BPRCVS and Lancashire County Council who awarded the money from their Over 50’s Social Isolation Grant Fund.

This project, planned to start in December 2023, has two linked elements. The first is to provide monthly subsidised trips to museums, workshops, and places of interest to older men.

The second part of the Collective Interest Development project is to invite speakers to deliver talks at the Shed. Examples of these will include demonstrations of woodworking or bench metalworking techniques. We also hope to offer sessions such as tool sharpening, and the history and development of aircraft and motor vehicles.

We also hope to offer informative support sessions on topics such as managing home finances and basic IT skills.

In addition to general interest, the aim is to develop and perhaps build on existing skills but also, introduce people to some new skills sets.

Regional and national studies have linked a deterioration in mental health to social isolation and loneliness. These are all too common in older men. The reasons for this are many, but one is the loss of self-confidence that can develop shortly after retirement. There can also be a loss of structure in day-to-day living. This can also be the result of loss of employment through redundancy. This group also finds it harder to retrain to regain full-time employment.

Although isolation and loneliness are identified as national issues, they are much more pronounced in the former industrial towns of the northwest such as parts of the Rossendale Valley. Whitworth is one such part.

Whitworth Men’s Shed seeks to tackle these problems by providing a variety of services and activities for older men, in a friendly, safe, and stimulating environment.

Look out on our website and social media channels for further details of trips and talks, and other activities going on at Whitworth Men’s Shed.

Alternatively, if you would like to express an interest in these events, please email your contact details to

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