Engine Shed 9-1-19

It was a chilly shed when we arrived this morning (barely above freezing outside) but eventually the heaters brought the room up to a reasonable temperature!

The group began work making some repairs to the minor damage that the Healey Viaduct board suffered in storage, and started planning effective ways to easily connect the boards together.  We will test some of these out in the coming weeks and hopefully arrive at a solution that is both quick and reliable.

We had some productive discussions about the way forward for our layout wiring among those in the group with some experience in this area.  We also kicked around some ideas for our test layout that will give us plenty of opportunity to practice our wiring skills before applying them to the Whitworth line model!

As well as their modeling activities, the group are interested in the local history of the Whitworth line.  Any information or resources we stumble across we will include in these summaries, such as the Whitworth entry on the brilliant Disused Stations website: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/w/whitworth/index.shtml

There are also entries on their website for the Broadley, Shawclough & Healey and Facit stations that are also featured in our plans for our Whitworth line model.  Follow the links for more information and photos!

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