Old Laptops Still Wanted

Old Laptops Wanted

Have you got an old laptop that you don’t use anymore?  We are asking for donations of old laptops or other computer equipment for our new project.

Where will they go?

We are repairing, refurbishing, reusing and recycling old laptops and turning them into working computers that can access the internet.  They will be donated to anyone who has the internet at home but not the computer equipment to access it effectively.  For example, this might be someone who can only access the internet via a phone, or who is struggling to connect to video services such as Zoom, Teams or Skype.

We don’t want a lack of working equipment to be the reason someone is lonely or isolated.  We will also provide information about the support that is available for those who don’t have internet access in the first place.  This project is to help anyone in our community who might benefit.

Are you only collecting laptops?

No, we will accept any IT equipment for repair and recycling, so as well as old laptops, which can include mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  If you are not sure please get in touch!

What do you do with refurbished laptops?

We work with various local support agencies to distribute working equipment to those that can make use of it. As ours is a  small project we work on a case-by-case basis to source and match equipment in response to individual requests.

What if you can’t refurbish my equipment?

We will use any spare parts from old laptops that we can, and make sure that we responsibly dispose of any parts that we cannot reuse or recycle.

I want to get involved with Whitworth Men’s Shed!

Great!  Come and join us! We’d love to hear from you! Our contact details are on this page: Get In Touch.  Also, don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as being ‘technical’! We are involved in several activities and always welcome new faces and new ideas!

I have equipment that I want to donate – how do I get it to you?

Fantastic!  Please get in touch so that we can arrange a convenient and safe collection. Alternatively, if you’d prefer you can drop items off at 6 Milner St, Whitworthwhen the shed is open.


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