Sam’s Car Boot Fundraising

Sam Wiseman has been selling items at local car boot sales and helping to raise funds for the Shed at the same time.

Sam has now raised over £100 for Shed funds. His car-booting started when he qualified for the World Karate Championships in Ireland in October 2022. Then he was looking a way to save for his travel and other competition expenses. However, he carried on this year when the car boot events started again to raise a little extra pocket money. Sam said “I quite enjoy doing it although the early mornings can be a pain! If I can do something to help out the Shed at the same time though then that’s good”.

Sam’s dad has been involved with the Shed for several years now and said “It’s been a win-win arrangement really. Sam has a source of extra stock for his stall and the Shed have an outlet for some of the donated items they receive and repair, but do not have a use for.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Sam for his thoughtfulness and generosity. it’s great to see young people volunteering their time and raising funds for community organisations.

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