Precious Plastic 3-12-18

This week the group have been assessing the component parts required for the first of the four machines, the shredder.  We have sourced a metal frame that will serve as the solid base for the motor and cutting assembly and it didn’t cost us a penny!  Thanks Dave for the donation, it is much appreciated!

The component parts of the first machine fall into three main groups; the frame and structure, the motor and electrics and the cutting assembly.  The group are confident of sourcing the rest of the structural materials at minimal cost.  The hunt is on for a used 2hp motor and gearbox assembly for the project.  Hopefully one can be identified locally to keep costs down!

The group are opting to fundraise to purchase the cutting assembly for the machine.  These are available through members of the ‘Precious Plastic’ community who have access to the necessary materials and laser cutting equipment.  This will hopefully avoid any delay in getting the first machine up and running!

Watch this space for details of this first part of our ‘Precious Plastic Project’ fundraising campaign!

The Precious Plastic Group meet on Monday mornings between 9am and 12 noon afternoons from 12:30 at 6 Milner Street, Whitworth.  If you want to get involved you are welcome to come along.  You don’t have to be an engineer or technically minded to be part of the group and there is a need for people who can help with fundraising and other support roles.

The Shed is also open for a brew and a chat so if you don’t want to get involved with this activity you are more than welcome to come along and watch!

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